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MERRY MONDAYS:Invisible Love Ring by Sasha Tseng


Happy Monday!

I did this post last year but just recently came across with Sasha Tseng invisible love ring via Design Milk and I had to added to my favorite wedding rings old post.

“Little girls grow up dreaming of it, big girls get jealous over it, and advertisers cash big checks on it. sashaPure questions which part of the ring is the most important—the shine of the gem sitting atop the band or the emotion that makes you want to say “forever.” The answer was easy – the ring itself is merely a representation of an intangible devotion. To embody a feeling as ethereal as love, we wanted to create a piece of jewelry just as transcendent.”


It is a said Diamonds are a girls best friend.  I think almost every women who dreams wedding dreams there is a diamond, I did. Diamonds are given as a gesture of love in most cases….maybe some are given to show  a gesture of wealth. Up to that not harm

Who sets the price? The answer to that question : the demand. 

Yet the worst and not imaginable atrocities are committed for them. And why? I guess because there is demand……….

Do they cure?  do they feed? No… but they could help to cure and feed ?. We know the answer for this one.

As beautiful as they are they have a dark side. Luckily more and more people are aware of this side. 

But are we really doing something for this ? I do have mine, a tiny. At my 10 years wedding anniversary I even wanted a bigger, did not get it. Next year I am going to be 20 years of marriage. Do I still want a bigger one? No.. we cannot afford it and even if we could I would think, I say no.

Nevertheless aesthetics and ethics can certainly go hand  by hand sometimes.

I would not mind getting one of these instead of a real diamond. Would you? 


Sterling Silver Rockwell lll ring. I am officially in love with this ring. I find is a great alternative to the traditional diamond ring.

This would be my second choice I would prefer the Diamond Silver Ring  but I would  not mind Acrilic Dimond Ring either. From buyAMT Shop

Another beautiful and romantic wedding ring alternative. The Inner message ring by Yoon Jung Yun.

Two options for wedding bands: Custom finger print  bands from Brent and Jess Etsy shop via Jessica and Inner message band ring from

 Sudlow Jewelry Etsy shop via Jessica



An other option. I just love the name. Electric love ring from Grain shop , stop by they have a collection of very cool products




ocean trash


chris jordan wave

chris jordan whale


I’m always excited to see when someone turns something from discarded material into an object of beauty. So tody I want to share with you some of the work of Cris Jordan an amazing photographer and activist. He´s been feature in all kind of publications. But I  thought it was worth talking about anyway, his work is so unique, striking and beautiful.The way he captures people expression is one of a kind. So as much as I am  in love with his photography, I am completely impress by his projects and blown away with his photographs of mass consumption. An Amazing way to create green  awareness.

FIrst time I  came across Cris Jordan was a couple of years ago,when I stumbled with his Midway film a painful but powerful visual proyect of birds  killed by ingesting plastic trash from the Great pacific Patch. Midway project definitely  was one of the first  to open my eyes to the environmental movement and pushed me to become more aware of consumption. Although these has been around for a bit, in case you have not seen it , it is  certainly worth seeing it.

As I mention above I am smitten by any environmentally aware and socially conscious art  piece but Cris Jordan ones are more than just  a master piece of art. In his Running numbers collection he does large mural-size compositions, colorful versions of well-known paintings. But  instead of paint, the colors are composed of million pieces of plastic retrieved from the pacific, estimating the number of pounds of plastic damaging the world. He turns stats into art. Make sure to see the rest of his entire collection . He already has some 2013 espectacular new murals.









How blessed I am , how thankful I am and how thankful I should be.



image via



plastics are forever



Sometimes pictures can do more than words. I am convince that pictures can speak to us but we have to be silent because sometime we do not hear them.

I find this picture of John Cancalosi striking but at the same time very elegant. He has worked as a field biologist and won numerous awards for his wildlife photography. Be sure to check out the rest of this incredible photos.

I came across this pictures composition on Trend Tablet Earth Matters my very favorite site by Lidewij Edelkoort a trend forecasters and a great supporter of crafts and design.


Stop and Think

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  ~Thornton Wilder


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